Clutter Card may be the single, most useful and versatile utility tool on your keychain

What is Clutter Card?

Clutter Card is a unique, simple  solution to all those store cards on your key chain or in your wallet

Many businesses now have programs like “Customer Loyalty” or “Shoppers Rewards” that are designed to give discounts or sale prices only to card holders.  Most places issue a “key tag” and a wallet card so that you can choose which one you want to use.

You’ll soon find your wallet and your keychain chuck full of these things. If you only sign up for and keep the cards you really need and use, you probably still have between 4 and 6 of them. And many people have more… lots more.  Almost everyone has a key tag for their grocery store, pharmacy and pet store.  And you might also have one for a lumber store, auto parts, toy store, restaurants, gym membership, AARP, AAA, etc. So how do organize all these cards?

Clutter Card - customer loyalty, rewards, membershipsThe solution is really simple…

key chain clutter cardClutter Card converts multiple “key tags” into one single key tag and it’s about the size of your house key. We call it Clutter Card because it deals very effectively with this type of “clutter”. It’s simple, inexpensive and very useful.

Customize My Card

If you want the deals, you gotta have a card for each store. The challenge then is to make the cards manageable so they don’t keep adding more clutter to your keychain and your pocket.